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22 Mar, 2012

The SAARC Halal Council is a
non-profit organization created to uphold the integrity of the halal market concept in SAARC countries trade through recognition, collaboration and membership.



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Halal - Global Prospects

Global Muslim Demography :

With world Muslim population growing at a rate of 2.9% per annum and is expected to constituted 30% of the world's total population by 2025, the global prospects for Halal food and Shariah compliant products and services is becoming increasingly brighter.

Even as the current Muslim population of the world hovering around 1.79 Billion, the market worth of Halal products is about $2 trillion. This despite the fact that there is a whole lot of lack of awareness and non-availability of Halal certified products in very many regions.

In this back drop, a burgeoning population coupled with comprehensive awareness campaign would make Halal Concept a global standards in no time if insisted upon through a host of incentives appropriately.

The following data shows the continent wise break-up of Muslim population, with substantial number of Muslims living primarily in Asia, Africa and Americas, the chart gives a surrogate general idea about the potential hot spot destinations for Halal Certified Products :

Continent Population 2008
Muslim 2008
% of Muslims
Africa 967 462 47.8
West Asia 225 199 88.3
South Central Asia 1,683 639 37.9
South East Asia 586 226 38.6
East Asia 1,557 40 2.5
Europe 735 51 7
N. America 332 6.8 2.2
S. America 577 3.1 0.42
Oceania 33 0.6 1.5
Total 6,695 1,628 24.3
Islamic Source   1,791 26.7

West Asia: is home to a predominantly Muslim populated nations consisting of Saudi Arabia 24 million, Turkey 73 million, Yemen 21million, Iraq 28 million, Syria 17 million, Azerbaijan 8 million, UAE 5 million, Jordan 5 million, Palestine 4 million, Oman 2.5 million, Kuwait 2 million, Lebanon 2 million plus other countries including Qatar, Bahrain, Cyprus. There are no specific HALAL Standards in these countries as all products imported or locally manufactured locally are presumed to be Halal.

East Asia and ASEAN Market: hosts a Muslim population of more than 360 million including Indonesia 195 million, China 133 million, Malaysia 15 million, Philippines 6 million, Thailand 6 million, Myanmar 2 million and other countries including Brunei Darussalam, Cambodia, Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan, Vietnam, Korea, Mongolia & Taiwan.

ASEAN countries being a leading suppliers and importers of Halal products are competing with each other in Halal products and also do substantial trading among themselves.

There is a whole lot of disparity in Halal Food exports with regard to region based on cultural and religious demography’s. While Indonesia is the biggest buyer of Malaysian Halal food, China is an untapped market for Halal products. Hence it would be worthwhile for Halal suppliers to concentrate on exports of Halal Products to China, Indonesia and Malaysia.

South Central Asia: is home to more than 600 million Muslims with India 154 million, Pakistan 170 million, Bangladesh 127 million, Iran 69 million, Afghanistan 30 million, Uzbekistan 23 million, Kazakhstan 7 million, Tajikistan 6 million, Turkmenistan 4.6 million, Kyrgyzstan 4 million, and a substantial Muslim population in other countries including Sri Lanka, Nepal, Bhutan & Maldives etc.,

India while being a biggest buffalo meat exporter in Asia but is also a very big market for Halal products due to its huge Muslim.

In spite of being a massive market for Halal products, there is Halal certification is not properly practised.

North Africa: More then 181 million Muslims including Egypt 71 million, Algeria 33 million, Morocco 31 million, Sudan 30 million, Tunisia 10 million & Libya 6 million.

East Africa: More then 92 million Muslims including Ethiopia 37 million, Tanzania 19 million, Somalia 9 million, Kenya 8 million, Uganda 4.5 million, Mozambique 4 million, Malawi 2.5 million, Eritrea 2 million, Zambia 1.8 million, Madagascar 1.2 million and other countries.

South Africa: Only 1.2 million Muslims but important market as Muslims are very particular on HALAL products and thus there is a ready market for Halal products. South Africa also serve as a gateway for the other Sub Sahara African countries.

West Africa: More then 150 million Muslims including Nigeria 65 million, Niger 14 million, Mali 13 million, Ivory Coast 12 million, Senegal 11 million, Guinea 8 million, Ghana 7 million, Burkina Faso 7 million, Mauritania 3 million, Sierra Lione 3 million, plus other countries including Togo, Liberia, Guinea Bissau, Gambia, Cape Verde and Benin.

Central Africa: 17 million Muslims including Congo 6 million, Chad 5 million, Cameroon 3 million.

EUROPE: More then 50 million Muslims including Russia 27 million, France 6 million, Germany 3 million, Bosnia 2.3 million Kosovo 2 million Albania 2 million, UK 1.5 million, Italy 1.4 million plus other countries including Ukraine, Italy, Spain, Netherlands, Portugal, Greece, Norway, Sweden, Bulgaria and other countries. It is relatively small but a serious market for Halal suppliers due to its high purchasing power and clusters of Muslim population in smaller areas like France with 6 million Muslims, Germany with 3 million & Russia with 27 million Muslims.

Oceania: Population of only 0.6 million Muslims in Australia, New Zealand, Fiji & other countries but the high per capita expenditure has made this small population, almost billion dollar market for Halal Food products.

Americas: The Muslim population in the Americas is almost 10 million, with USA leading with 6.4 million, Brazil 1 million, Canada 0.8 million and other countries of Central America, South America & Caribbean.