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22 Mar, 2012

The SAARC Halal Council is a
non-profit organization created to uphold the integrity of the halal market concept in SAARC countries trade through recognition, collaboration and membership.



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Be a Member :

Join us for a great future

By becoming a member of SAARC Halal Council you will gain access to SAARC countries Halal industry network through various platforms.

Gain Inside Track Opportunities :

  • Online Access for "members only" area
  • Opportunity to network with business contacts in the Halal industry
  • Participate in SAARC Halal Council trade expo delegations, missions and conventions
  • Leading and participation in the SAARC Halal Development Projects and Management Discussion
  • Opportunity to contribute ideas and proposals to the SAARC Halal Council Advisory board and to see them implemented to the benefit of one and all
  • Opportunity to attend the SAARC Halal Council Members General Assembly

"Benefits & Freebies"

  • Free subscription to the SAARC Halal Council E-Newsletter
  • Discounts for all advertisement in the SAARC Halal Council Portals, Media and Pamphlets.
  • Spectacular Discounts for registration at all SAARC Halal Council affiliated workshops, seminars and conferences including
  • Opportunity to participate in Conference events, SAARC Halal Council Industry Dialogues & the Halal Business Strategy Workshops.
  • Last but not the least, the satisfaction of participating in the ‘Halal effort’ to the benefit of Humanity at large.

Who can become a Member

There are different types of category of membership:

  • Ordinary Member
  • Executive Associate Member

 Ordinary Member

Any individual or organization who has any interest in Halal industry and development may become a member under this category.

Executive Associate Member

This is a criteria-based membership, specifically for the Halal Accreditation Bodies (HAB) and Certification Bodies (CB) only.
Upon joining, the HAB and CB will become an Associate Member before becoming a full Accredited or Recognized Member.
Any HAB or CB may apply to become an Associate member provided they comply with our minimum requirements.