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22 Mar, 2012

The SAARC Halal Council is a
non-profit organization created to uphold the integrity of the halal market concept in SAARC countries trade through recognition, collaboration and membership.



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  1. To promote Peace, Brotherhood and Commerce through a sustained education to create awareness regarding the benefits of Halal products promotion among SAARC Countries.
  2. To organize SAARC National resources and sensitise the stakeholders with regard to the huge prospects of "Halal Trade and Services".
  3. Helping and Supporting not only Muslim communities but also Non-Muslims to start businesses in Halal Food, Cosmetics, and Pharmaceutical, Finance, Takaful Insurance, Interest free Banking, Halal restaurants, Halal meat & meat based products.
  4. To promote Halal Products Trading, Halal Friendly general tourism and Medical Tourism within SAARC Nations.
  5. To ensure effective, exchange and sharing of knowledge, by being a conduit between Islamic Scholars, Scientists, Entrepreneurs, Govt Authorities, NGOs, Associations, Institutes etc.,
  6. To research and standardize Halal certification standards & processes and strive for constant improvement of the concept in SAARC countries Halal certifications bodies.
  7. To assist in the development of Halal Food, Pharmaceutical, Finance, Takaful Insurance, Interest free Banking educational curriculum system and syllabus.
  8. To organize Trade shows; Expo’s to promote SAARC nation Halal industry products.
  9. To make SAARC Halal council as the most prominent Halal authority in the world.
  10. To closely work and co-ordinate with OIC countries for Halal Business development projects.
  11. To facilitate Halal certified products in B2B & B2C platform
  12. To ensure an efficient network between SAARC countries Halal products manufacturers, distributors, exporters, resellers, trade associations and dealers.
  13. To help create a halal free trade zone for SAARC Countries Halal Products
  14. Work with Local Government or Associations to stop cross country halal certifications from Non-SAARC countries Halal Authority enter into SAARC countries.
  15. Work with local Governments and associations to stop mishandling of "Halal" word by Muslims and Non-Muslims manufactures without getting halal certifications.
  16. Closely work with consumer protection organization for Halal products and related services consumer cases.